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Pastor Doug meets Dave Chappelle

Pastor Doug meets Dave Chappelle

On Saturday, March 20, 2010 I went out witnessing in Yellow Springs, OH.  I was walking down the main street sidewalk and I passed Dave Chappelle.  I quickly stopped and turned around.  (Dave has a home in Yellow Springs).

There were several people around Dave, but I went up to him and used one of my magic tricks to break the ice.  He was impressed with the trick.  I said, "Dave, what do you think happens when someone dies, where do they go?"  He said, "That's a loaded question." 

I said, "So, what do you think?"  He said, "I really can't say, I don't know."  I said, "Would you consider yourself to be a good person?"  Surprisingly, he said, "No."  Most people say yes because most people think they are a good person.

I said, "I'm going to give you the good person test to see if you are a good person.  I'll use the 10 commandments as the standard for this test.  Dave, have you ever said a lie?"  He said, "Lots of times."  "Have you ever stolen anything?"  He said, "Yes." 

While I'm taking him through the 10 commandments there were about 4 distractions going on around me. 

First, his son was running around making noises.  Second, there was the crowd.  Third, his wife was across the street and she was getting ready to go.  And fourth, next to me was this guy who kept quoting to me these off the wall quotes from people I've never heard of. 

It was the most bazaar, weird, and crazy moment I've experienced in witnessing to someone.  All his quotes made no sense, and they had nothing to do with what I was asking Dave Chappelle. All I did was say to him, "That's interesting."  "So.....Dave.....Have you ever taken God's name in vain?"  He said, "Yes."  All you have to do is listen to one of his shows and you'll know that to be true.  Then again, don't listen to one of his shows, they are very dirty. 

Anyway, I asked him if he died tonight and God judged him by the 10 commandments would he be innocent or guilty?  He said, "That's not for me to say." I said, "Well, you have God's Word that says you would be guilty because you have broken God's laws.  We are all guilty, we are all sinners, and no one is good, no, not one.  Dave, what should God do with you, heaven or hell? 

Again, he said, "I don't know, that would depend on if you believe it or not.  I don't believe it."  About that time he took he kid across the street to his wife and they went to their van.  

I thought the conversation was over and I was disappointed because I only got to share the bad news with him and not the good news found in Jesus Christ, but he came back to me!  You could tell he stilled wanted to talk, but I knew that I had to speed it up because the wife was getting impatient.  

Dave was never a jerk.  He never came across like "I'm a celebrity, treat me better." So I told him about Jesus Christ.  I said, "Dave God doesn't want you to go to hell.  Jesus died on the cross taking the punishment for your sins.  We broke God's laws, Jesus paid our fine. 

Jesus made a way for you to be forgiven!  But you must repent, forsake your sins, and place your trust in Jesus Christ alone to save you." He said, "But the Bible isn't true.  There are too many translations."  I said, "The Bible is God's Word, and God cannot lie.  Sure, there are many translations but it’s still true." 

By now he decided to cross the street and walk toward his van.  I don't normally follow people, but this time I did.  He still wanted to talk because he stopped for a moment to listen to me.  

By now we were in an alley.  The crowd was no longer around.  I said, "Dave, would you please think about what I shared with you?"  He said, "Yes."  And he thanked me for talking to him.  I said, "Dave before you go, would you like a million dollars?"  His eyes got real big.  I guess he likes money.   

That's the first time I've asked a multi-millionaire if he wanted a million bucks.  I showed him the million dollar bill.  At that point, that was the first time he smiled.  

Dave Chappelle is a famous comedian. He never said one joke to me.  He was taking me seriously.  He saw the passion in my eyes and he heard it in my voice as I told him, "Dave, there is nothing more important than your eternal salvation, please think about it!"  He took the million dollar bill!!!!! 

I said, "Read the back to refresh your memory about what I just shared with you." By now we were at his van and I said, "Thanks Dave for listening.  Have a nice day," and we shook hands.  I walked away praising God for that unexpected witness opportunity. 

I can only pray that God opens his eyes, that he stops suppressing the truth in unrighteousness, humbles himself, trusts in God's Word, and be born again by the power of God!  To God be all the glory!  Please pray for Dave Chappelle.